The Ins-and-Outs of Shipwire

Expand distribution partnerships

Leapfrog your competitors by forming partnerships with other retailers, allowing
them to sell your product to a wider audience.

  • Customized packing list

    We meet retailers' document specifications including the ability to leave their mark on the packing list.

  • Electronic Data Interchange support

    Shipwire can support your EDI requirements, either directly, or through Value Added Networks (VAN).

  • Use the retailer’s shipping account

    With 3rd party billing, automatically ship orders using the retailer's shipping account so they can manage deliveries.

  • Multiple retailer support

    Specify different packing & shipping preferences and connectivity for each retailer you're selling product to.

Have more drop shipping needs?

From custom packing lists to third-party carriers, we can help. Get in touch

Intelligent wholesale and lot break options to lower your costs and increase your sales.

Automated lot breaks

Minimize handling costs by having Shipwire automatically break up master cases into individual items.

Freight shipping options

For orders larger than 1 pallet, we offer freight shipping that includes less-than-full and full-truckload options


Simultaneously ship product to retailers and your customers, or ship out pending backorders as soon as they come in.

Kitting product reconfiguration

We can reconfigure your product into packages upon request, so you can sell kits of products to customers.

Consolidating and staging

For international orders, hold your product and save costs in our new China warehouse before freight shipping.

Purchase order management

Specify different packing and shipping preferences and connectivity for each retailer you're providing product to.

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