The Ins-and-Outs of Shipwire

Offer fast and flexible shipping

Our warehouses process and ship orders same day and are strategically located to
reach domestic and international customers within a few days.

Our network of worldwide warehouses means big savings in shipping for you and your customers.

Find out how much

We're equipped to ship a variety of products using an extensive list of options.

Processed same day

Orders sent to the warehouse before 5:30AM local will be shipped same day, guaranteed!

More about Same Day Shipping

Ground & expedited delivery

Our warehouses reach most domestic addresses in 2 days ground shipping and can also expedite delivery.

See all shipping options

Flexible worldwide shipping

We have many international shipping options and warehouses within the world's largest trade zones to save in costs and eliminate customs fees

Freight shipping support

We take care of all the complexity involved in managing longer freight movements and customs clearance.

Use your own carrier to ship orders from any Shipwire warehouse

Learn about Third Party Shipping

We're very flexible when it comes to
handling shipments.

How do you want us to handle your product?

We pack it
  • You send us packages of loose items

  • We put items into our own packages

  • Basic packaging included at no cost

  • One tracking number per box

What else do I need to know?

You prepack it
  • You send us pre-sealed packages

  • Leave your mark & your own branding

  • We just attach the shipping label

  • One tracking number per item

What else do I need to know?

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